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Freedom of Expression - A Reptile FX Original Live Action Short Film
Video ThumbnailFreedom of Expression is a short film from Reptile FX Studio (formerly Seeking Purple Productions).


An artist struggles through life in a black & white world where colour has been banned for years. Freedom of expression is restricted to absolutes and imagination is controlled, and in the midst of this, the artist yearns to find the missing link both in his work and his inner self. That yearning unearths a buried childhood memory of the day colour was banned from this world. The artist subsequently goes on a quest to rediscover colour.


Genre: Surrealistic, Science fiction, Drama
Format: Short film
Type: Live action
Runtime: 22:20
Release Date: Mar 10, 2016
Director: Vishaal Desai
Producer: Reptile FX
Music: Sandeep Pinge
Story: Prashant Pinge
Screenplay: Prashant Pinge, Vishaal Desai


Screened at Green Bay Film Festival, Wisconsin, USA on Mar 8, 2015
Screened at Terre di Cinema, Sicily, Italy on July 27, 2015
Screened at Jaipur International Film Festival, Rajasthan, India on Feb 5, 2015