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How We Make Your Live Action Video. Step by Step.

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1. Discovery

During discovery, we understand your business and video objectives through a questionnaire and conversations with key personnel. This gives us an understanding about the message that needs to be conveyed in the video.

2. Script

A solid script forms the foundation of a great video. We first develop a concept after brainstorming several ideas. We then transform your message into a script that effectively communicates your message to your audience.

3. Storyboard

The storyboard stage shows how the script will play out scene by scene. We create a sequence of visuals that depict the design, layout and flow of the video, much like a comic book.

4. Location Scouting

Location scouting involves finding the locations for the video shoot that take place outside the studio. We search for locations keeping in mind permissions, logistics, and costs.

5. Scheduling

A well-planned production schedule is critically important to ensure that the video shoot happens on time and on budget. We create an accurate shot list and fashion a schedule accordingly to ensure a fast and smooth shoot.

6. Casting

Casting is the process of selecting the best possible actors within the available budget for various roles in the project. We cast the appropriate actors for your video.

7. Set Design

Set design consists of designing and implementing theatrical environments including the scenery, furniture, and props for the project. We create the set design based on the requirements of your video.


8. Filming

Filming involves capturing the raw footage and other elements for the video and includes setting up the lights and camera, directing the actors and ensuring that everything proceeds according to schedule. We shoot the raw footage for your video, including additional footage that may be helpful during the editing process.


9. Offline Editing

Offline editing is the use of proxy footage, a duplicate copy of the raw footage, for video editing. We create a rough draft or cut of the project by editing a low resolution copy of the original footage.

10. Colour Grading

Colour grading is the process of altering or enhancing the colour of the video and encompasses both colour correction and generation of artistic colour effects. We go through your video shot by shot to get the colours to look consistent and as rich as possible.

11. VFX & Animation

VFX and animation involves the addition of computer generated graphics, special effects and text to the video. We add VFX and animation to help your video come to life.

12. Online Editing

Online editing refers to the process of editing the high quality footage together. We edit your video using software to create the final cut.

13. Voiceover

A great voiceover ensures that your video truly connects with your audience. We send you a curated list of skilled voiceover talent to choose from. Once your selection is made, the recording takes place in a professional studio.

14. Sound

Sound design can make all the difference when it comes to your video. We send you 2-3 background music options for selection, and then layer in sound effects to add that extra zing.


We deliver your awesome live action video in 1080p full HD format.

* The process mentioned above is indicative and may be modified depending upon the nature and requirements of the project.

Client Guidelines

The client needs to keep a few things in mind:

1. Complete information

We need all information from the client pertaining to the creation of the video, including logos, fonts, colour palette, images, photos, text, etc. prior to scripting. This ensures that we have everything we need all at once before commencing work. If the information is sent in stages, it may affect the timelines as well as the quality of the video.

2. Prompt feedback

The client is requested to provide feedback within 24 hours so that there are no delays. The feedback should be clear (be as specific as possible), concise (properly referenced bullet points), and consolidated (in a single communication) for each stage. We also insist upon a single co-ordinator from the client’s end to ensure efficiency.

3. Limited revisions

The client is provided a limited number of revisions at each stage to ensure that we can provide our services at affordable prices. This number has been calculated based upon our years of experience and works well as part of our finely tuned production process. If you do need additional revisions, we can make them available at an extra cost.

4. Approvals

We take approvals from our clients at every stage, meaning we don’t proceed to the next stage without an approval for the previous stage. Hence, it’s important that we receive timely approvals from the client. Once we move to the next stage, please note that it becomes extremely difficult to make changes in any of the earlier stages.

A failure to follow these guidelines may result in delays and/or additional charges.

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If you need any more information about our process, please contact us.