Making of the CARILEC 2D Animated Video

CARILEC, a community of energy professionals and utility engineers

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The Caribbean Electric Utility Services Corporation (CARILEC) is an association of electric services, dealers, manufacturers and other stakeholders that aims to build a strong community through providing technical information, training, capacity building, and other services and plays a key role in electric utility advocacy, growth and sustainability in the Caribbean region, Central and South Americas.

CARILEC wanted an animated corporate video with the aim of raising awareness about the association globally and introducing the various activities that it undertakes throughout the year to support its members.


The script’s focus was to provide a comprehensive overview of CARILEC’s activities with the objective of raising awareness amongst potential members and partners.


CARILEC wanted a male artist with a US accent to record the narration in a professional tone. A range of options was provided. The recording was done in a professional studio.


The character and style options were created keeping in mind CARILEC’s brand essence and the overall imagery evoked by the Caribbean. CARILEC chose the third character and the first style.



The script was translated into a storyboard in the chosen style to depict the flow of the CARILEC video in images.



The final CARILEC video was created after combining the visuals, voice and music.

Video ThumbnailA 2D animated video for CARILEC, an association of electric services, dealers, manufacturers and other stakeholders fthat provides various services to members in the Caribbean region, Central and South Americas.