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Tips for using videos on landing pages? 1. Customize your video 2. Use compelling thumbnails 3. Keep it short and simple 4. Mention the length 5. Produce high quality video 6. Call to action 7. Page design considerations 8. Follow best SEO practices 9. Help viewers share 10. Track analytics. Marty's Collar - 60 seconds short story on how Marty realized that only an animated video from Reptile FX Animation Studio coupled with their stellar tips on using videos on landing pages could help him market his collars. Let us explain your business too! How an Animated Explainer Video from Reptile FX Animation Studio can help your business explain, market & sell your products or services.Video Thumbnail

A video can serve as a very important weapon in the marketing arsenal of any company. A video on a company’s landing page can especially be a potent tool to build the brand as well as increase conversions. However, the notion that simply the presence of a video will lead to benefits needs to be thoroughly dispelled. Here are a few tips to help you make the most of your landing page video.

Customize your video

It is important to customize your landing page video to your target audience, addressing their questions and needs quickly. This will ensure your video resonates with them and increases the trust factor. It is also necessary for your video to complement the rest of the content on the landing page. And yes, please do resist the urge to use the “auto-play” feature as it can be very annoying.

Use compelling thumbnails

The first thing your visitors will see when they reach your landing page will be the thumbnail that rests upon your video. So please do make sure that it is visually compelling, relevant and high quality. Also, ensure that it is clear, bright and in-focus with proper composition. It goes without saying that it should be representative of your video content.

Keep it short and simple

Since we are all aware about the short attention spans of most visitors, it makes sense to keep the video short and simple in a way that it delivers the core marketing message to the viewer. It also makes sense to focus on the benefits the viewer will accrue rather than trying to tell them everything that you may want them to know about your company, product or service.

Mention the length

If a visitor lands on your page, and comes across a video which is customized with an eye catching thumbnail, he or she may still be reluctant to view it even though you may have kept it short. The best way to overcome this very pertinent problem is to clearly mention the duration of the video on top so that you can manage the expectations of your visitors.

Produce high quality video

You don’t have much time to capture the attention of your visitors. So if your video makes a poor impression on them, they will in all likelihood equate the same poor quality with your product. Hence, please make sure your landing page video has high resolution and top quality audio. It is therefore best you get your video done from a professional agency.

Call to action

Let’s say you manage to succeed in keeping your viewers engaged and piquing their interest right till the very end of the video. It’s now time to close the video with a clear call to action. You must be able to goad your viewers to whatever next step you wish them to take in your sales process such as capturing their email ids or having them click upon links.

Page design considerations

The landing page must be designed in such a way that it leads the viewers’ eyes straight to the video. So keep it simple and clutter-free. It is also important to make sure the video player is above the page fold and the page itself is mobile friendly. Also, please make sure that any graphics or text on the page complement the video and create a coherent brand experience for visitors.

Follow best SEO practices

A video on your landing page definitely boosts SEO. However, it is also important to supplement this dynamic through following standard best practices such as incorporating well-planned navigation, video sitemap, internal links, title tags, video transcripts, and effective keywords. These simple techniques can go a long way in further enhancing your search engine results.

Help viewers share

The goal of a landing page video is to not only keep your visitors informed but to also induce them to share it with their network. A video shared by a trusted source is more likely to be watched which is why sharing via social media becomes particularly important. This is also one of the best chances your video has of going viral.

Track analytics

Any marketing campaign needs to monitor its performance so it can tweak it along the way. A good way to do that is to study the page analytics (such as number of video plays and average duration watched) and check whether it is meeting your communication goals. In this way, you can understand what works and what doesn’t and optimize based on feedback from your viewers.

These few tips will significantly improve visitor engagement when it comes to your landing page video and increase conversions.

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