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Why have a video on your landing page? Why have a video on your landing page? 1. Visitors stay longer on page 2. Increase in trust factor 3. More engaging than text 4. Simplifying complexity 5. Ranking booster 6. More conversions 7. Social media benefits. Anton's Antidotes - 45 seconds short story on how Reptile FX Animation Studio explains Anton's Antidotes for Vampirism to his customers and helps him grow his business & increase sales. Let us explain your business too! How an Animated Explainer Video from Reptile FX Animation Studio can help your business explain, market & sell your products or services.Video Thumbnail

There are literally millions and millions of websites on the Internet today. While most businesses treat websites as a standard way to disseminate information, the really clever ones turn it into a powerful marketing tool through the use of video on their landing pages. In fact, the presence of a well made explainer video on a company’s landing page can offer significant advantages. Let’s take a look at some of these below.

Visitors stay longer on page

A well made explainer video is a great way to ensure visitors stay longer on your website. It serves as an audio-visual pivot for the viewer, piquing their interest and desire to explore more.

Increase in trust factor

The presence of a video on the landing page is an excellent trust builder. It becomes the perfect platform to showcase the brand, product or service, adding credibility to your online space.

More engaging than text

A video is certainly more engaging than text. Visitors prefer to have a quick introduction that is entertaining and informative rather than having to go through lines and lines of boring text.

Simplifying complexity

An explainer video can simplify your complex concept in a short time. Visitors can understand the intricacies faster and in an effective way as compared to text or even images.

Ranking booster

Research shows that pages with video are more likely to appear on the first page of Google search results. But you do need to make a quality video and use a few techniques to boost your rank.

More conversions

A video on the landing page is an excellent way to increase your conversions. In fact, studies have estimated that conversions increase by 80% with the presence of a well-made, engaging video.

Social media benefits

According to research, a video is shared 1200 times more than links and text. So providing an easy way to share the video will also contribute to bringing a lot more visitors to your website.

As can be clearly seen, a video is indispensable for any landing page in today’s highly competitive global business landscape. So what are you waiting for?

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