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Everybody wants their video to spread like wildfire on the Internet. It is, after all, a great way to bring attention to your business. But with the amount of content being uploaded on the Internet every single minute, it is hardly surprising that very few videos actually become a hit. While there is obviously no formula to make your video go viral, there are certainly actions you can take to improve your odds of success. Here are a few.

Keep your video simple and short

A video with a complicated plot or one that assumes prior knowledge would not be a good candidate for a viral video. So it’s always good to present a concise message with crisp audio and clear visuals. Also, a long video is a definite no-no as today’s viewers prefer brief videos. So try and keep your video under 3 minutes.

Optimize your video

Video optimization significantly improves the probability of your video going viral. It includes such things as doing your keyword research, monitoring ranking progress, using a descriptive but concise title, optimizing the file name, writing an effective video description, submitting sub-titles, creating closed captions, adding proper tags, and using overlays.

Make your video shareable

Sharing is the engine that drives a video to go viral. So if you don’t make it convenient for your viewers to share your video, they simply won’t. That is why it is critically important to insert social media links at the right spots, encouraging them to share the moment they finish watching the video. And yes, do make your videos mobile friendly as well.

Focus on having great content

All of the above will be irrelevant if your video content isn’t good. At the end of the day, it must be appeal to people. So tell a story that evokes emotions, positive ones to be precise. But for that to happen, you must know your audience well. So ultimately, it’s all about finding the right balance and communicating your message in an appropriate form.

Have a solid marketing plan

It would be foolhardy to expect your video to go viral on its own. You need a great marketing plan. But please make sure your video reflects your brand’s personality without being overtly promotional. Another thing to keep in mind would be your target audience. This will not only enable proper channelling of your money but may also lead to shares by relevant stakeholders.

It’s all about timing

According to some estimates, most sharing happens on Wednesdays. But no matter which day you release your video, do boost your marketing efforts during the first two to three days to generate momentum. Please remember you are dealing with a dynamic marketplace, and it is necessary to make an impact as soon as possible.

We hope these simple tips will put your online video on the path to going viral.

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