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Animated explainer videos can provide numerous benefits to businesses. They offer a great way to engage with potential customers and introduce them to your business in a very short time. In fact, research has demonstrated that customers who watch an explainer vide are 80% more likely to purchase your product. An animated video, however, will not serve your communication objectives unless you get it right. Here are a few tips to create a killer animated explainer video.

Communication objective

The very first step to create an effective explainer video is to clearly identify the communication objective. If this step is skipped in the rush to create the video, it is very likely the video will not send a clear message to its audience. It is also useful to keep in mind that ideally there should only be one primary communication objective for a video.

Know your target audience

It is imperative that that your target audience really well. Unless you are familiar with such aspects as their characteristics and personality and especially the problem you are trying to solve, everything else will be meaningless. Your explainer video will be a success only if you can connect with your audience at an emotional level through resolving their pain points.

It’s all about the script

If your script isn’t good, it will reflect in the quality of your animated explainer video. In fact, your script is the foundation upon which everything else is built. A good script for explainer videos is one which is direct and easy to understand for your target audience. Keep in mind that the goal of an explainer video is to simplify and build trust.

Keep it short

While you may want to include as much information into your animated explainer video as possible, it is actually not a good idea. Ideally, your video should be somewhere between 1 to 2 minutes. The longer your video is the less attention people will pay to it. So be concise and provide only so much information that will ensure your call to action works.

Benefits, not features

Most businesses are so much in love with their products and/or services they just cannot resist the urge to show off as many features as possible. However, it is necessary for companies to focus on what really matters to customers and that is the benefits. So make sure your video covers how are going to make the lives of your customers better.

The importance of a storyboard

A storyboard is the place where the script is first brought to life. It depicts the flow of your video in static images and may be done using hand-drawn or digital illustrations. Storyboards are important to ensure that everyone involved in the project, from the client to the agency, are all on the same page. This step can ensure a smooth ride at the time of actual animation.

Style and graphics

The style and graphics you select for your explainer video depends upon numerous factors such as your brand essence, uniqueness, differentiation, message etc. It is especially important to keep in mind that an animated explainer video has an objective to fulfil. So while you may be tempted to dazzle your audience, the style you select must be one which conveys your message clearly.

Add an element of fun

While we do espouse the importance of the message, it is also undeniable that all people in general love to be entertained. So do stay away from boring content and add a little zing to your animated explainer video with some humour or entertainment. These emotions will definitely help your audience connect with your brand in a better and more positive way.

Get a professional voiceover

An animated explainer video will fail badly without a professional voiceover. We cannot emphasize this point enough. The voiceover is what speaks to the viewer. And it’s not just about having a pleasant voice but one that also has excellent polish and delivery. An experienced professional voiceover artist can really infuse life into your video.

Background music and sound effects

Your video will sound incomplete without a background music score. Music, as everyone is aware of, can also evoke emotions like audio and has the ability to set the tone and pace of your explainer video. Along with the music, sound effects can also add an extra dimension and draw the viewer into the video. Please note that a DIY approach for audio is strictly not advisable.

Your final animated explainer video should be the perfect amalgamation of the animation content along with the audio i.e. the voiceover, background music and sound effects.

You are now ready to showcase it to the world!

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