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We live in a time when animated explainer videos have become a necessary tool in every company’s marketing strategy. Despite the numerous advantages offered by these videos, companies often choose to go with template based videos rather than customized videos, primarily due to the perceived cost factor. However, a closer look reveals that customized animated explainer videos are far superior when it comes to return on investment. Let’s contrast the template videos from custom ones.

Time factor

A template based video naturally takes less time to craft. However, the time factor should be considered in the larger context of the use of the video which should typically be at least a year or even more. So a few weeks more to create a customized video should not be a deciding factor, especially when it comes to the rest of the parameters mentioned below.

Creativity matters

When it comes to template based videos, creativity is limited by pre-designed characters, styles, designs and libraries instead of being driven by the needs of the target audience. This may also force changes in the script to accommodate the restricted capabilities of the software. A customized video, on the other hand, allows for complete flexibility and sophisticated visuals.

Animation flow

While a custom made video can be completely tailored when it comes to animation, a template based video has limited presets which can be sorely inadequate to create an impactful video. The very essence of animation which is the freedom to manifest anything the human mind can imagine is lost with the use of templates.

Audio options

In most cases, template based animation software offer a limited range of audio options when it comes to voiceover, background music, and sound effects. On the other hand, customized videos can integrate an amazing array of audio options, all done professionally. Since audio can affect viewers’ emotions, professional output always trumps any amateur alternatives.

Brand impact

A video which cannot be customized to reflect your brand essence when it comes to characters, colours, designs, sound etc. will not be able to find a connect with your customers. Apart from that, if your template is used by other companies, it can have a major negative impact on your brand. This will lead to a loss in differentiation and ultimately, trust.

The final equation

You may argue about the cost difference. But what is the point of creating an animated explainer video which is not going to resonate with your target audience? The result will be a loss in sales and even perhaps a shift in brand loyalty. So you might save a little money at first, but the ultimate cost you will have to pay will be many times over if you opt for a template based video.

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