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YouTube is a video hosting and sharing site which has proven to be enormously beneficial to businesses for promoting their brands, products and services via video. It not only allows people to view and upload videos but offers a host of other exciting features. While we are all aware about the benefits of video marketing, the reach and power of YouTube has consistently demonstrated how integral this channel has been for marketing professionals. Let’s take a look at some of the major benefits offered by this platform.

Vast audiences

With more than a billion users, YouTube provides an amazing opportunity for businesses to reach millions of people that all have the potential to become prospective customers. The visibility that this channel offers a video is far higher than any other competing channel or medium. This aspect is precisely why no business can ignore YouTube in today’s digital landscape.

Worldwide accessibility

Apart from the 24/7 availability of content, you can reach a global audience through YouTube. So YouTube essentially helps you promote your brand, product or service on a worldwide level. And for those that think language can be a problem, there are always closed-captions available to take your content across borders.

Unlimited video bandwidth

YouTube has its own dedicated servers to handle huge levels of traffic. We’re talking about millions and millions of people in a very short span of time. If a video hosted on your own server goes viral, it will likely cause the server to crash. Besides, YouTube allows you to embed your video on your website without increasing the site’s bandwidth.

Share videos easily

If viewers like what they see, YouTube provides them with simple options to share the video. This makes it very easy to integrate this channel into your social media strategy. Apart from the vast numbers it provides within its own network, distribution links to other popular sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. make YouTube a very potent marketing tool.

The Google factor

This is a big one. Google owns YouTube. The result is as expected. YouTube videos routinely rank high on Google searches. Besides, with Google AdWords for Video, your business can get laser-focused access to your audience through advertising. And you only pay for engaged views.

A cost effective channel

YouTube marketing is extremely cost effective. You can market your videos through placing ads on other relevant videos or through using Google AdWords as mentioned above. Apart from the targeting aspect, which makes your campaigns so much more effective, you also pay only when viewers engage with the ad.

Monetize your video

YouTube provides options for making money through videos through Google’s AdSense for Video programme. You can also create your own channel and charge subscription fees. And if your video goes viral, there is no telling about the kind of opportunities it could open up with sponsors apart from the immediate benefit for your business.

Get feedback

YouTube allows visitors to leave comments about the video. This not only provides businesses with feedback but also allows them to engage with users in follow-up conversations. The suggestions or comments received help you to learn, survive and grow in today’s hugely competitive digital paradigm. These comments can be monitored and deleted as well, if required.

Measure the impact

It is critically important for today’s marketers to have access to data to make decisions and adjustments. YouTube, by itself, and in conjunction with Google, provides sophisticated analytics that can help marketers understand their audiences better. A data-driven strategy leads to maximizing a video’s return on investment.

Great features

YouTube requires a few simple steps for setup. It also supports numerous popular video formats and is available on mobile devices. There are numerous built-in features that make your life easy as well such as translation buttons, pop-up comments on your video, a pop-up link to your website, playlists to organize your content, an effective player etc.

We hope these reasons will convince you to select YouTube for distributing your video content.

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