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The digital revolution has seen a paradigm shift in the creation, distribution and viewing of audio visual content globally. While marketers have been quick to integrate video content into their strategies, we have seen the trend clearly leaning towards the creation of animated explainer videos. Here are 7 great reasons why you should think of getting an animated explainer video over live action content.


An animated video is developed using an established process that allows for precise outcomes leading to adherence to budgets and deadlines. In live action, there can be innumerable reasons for a shoot, however well planned, to come apart, leading to undesired output and budgetary disasters.


An animated video can include any types of characters, including ones with different ethnicities, something which can be very expensive and may not even be financially or geographically possible for live action studios. It is also easy to manage character emotions such as laughter, anger and sadness in animation, whereas a less talented actor can botch up the live action video and lose the audience’s interest.


In an animated explainer video, the animator can exercise complete control over the characters, including their placement and emotions, and the backgrounds, all of which can be tweaked even at later stages. In a live action shoot, changing backgrounds and actors at the last minute can lead to catastrophic outcomes.


An animated explainer video is highly focused and contains engaging content to ensure the complete attention of the audience. In a live action shoot, there are usually too many distracting elements around to allow the audience to concentrate on the message, something that is especially important in an explainer video.

No limitations

Animators do not have any boundaries to their imagination when creating an animated explainer video. Your character can fly to Jupiter or slay a dragon with his bare hands. As you can imagine, live action is very limiting when it comes to flights of imagination. While it can use special effects, the cost and time in incorporating them can be quite prohibitive.


An animated explainer video simplifies complex concepts and ideas and presents them in an interesting manner to the target audience. Whether it’s a product demo or an educational video, a promotional video or a corporate video, animation makes it easy to digest. In contrast, a live action video faces numerous challenges in simplifying complex concepts.


And here’s the biggest reason. Every business evolves with time which necessitates changes in the video. With an animated explainer video, you can do just that as and when you want. A live action video cannot be updated or changed without incurring substantial cost and energy.

As is clearly evident, animated explainer videos offer some significant advantages over their live action counterparts. It’s time you got one for your business!

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