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Video ThumbnailThe Reptile FX Animation Studio 3D Animated Video Showreel highlights our capability, sensibility, creativity, and versatility. We provide awesome high quality 3D animated videos to a large number of clients from startups to Fortune 500 companies in North America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia, South East Asia, and the Asia Pacific.

Reptile FX creates fantastic 3D animated explainer videos and ads that present your products and display your processes in brilliant ways that can help your audience visualize and understand them better. We endeavour to infuse life into your brand story through creating engaging and effective animated content that meets its communication objective convincingly. Our perfected production process, backed by an eclectic team of professionals, ensures that your final video is of the highest quality and drives your business to greater heights, thus maximizing your return on investment.


Reptile FX delivers creative and high quality video production services in animation and live action at affordable costs, thanks to our finely tuned production process and the passion we bring.

Our Fully-Customizable Packages Generally Include:

  • A Dedicated Project Manager

  • Script

  • Storyboard

  • Unique Artwork

  • Custom Animation

  • Professional Voice-over

  • Royalty Free Licensed Background Music

  • Library Sound Effects

  • Final Video Delivered in 1080p Full HD Quality!

The cost of a video is determined by a variety of factors. Please click the button below and fill in the form so that we can understand your requirement in detail and get back to you with an accurate quotation.


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Sample 3D Animated Explainer Videos

Customized. For Your Needs.

Video ThumbnailHBH Meats - Animated Commercial Advertisement Video by Reptile FX Animation Studio
Video ThumbnailGasFuse - Animated Explainer Video by Reptile FX Animation Studio
Video ThumbnailSportsJig from Jigserv Digital - Animated Explainer Video by Reptile FX Animation Studio
Video ThumbnailGasSafe - Animated Explainer Video by Reptile FX Animation Studio
Video ThumbnailJD Food Products - Animated Commercial Advertisement Video by Reptile FX Animation Studio
Video ThumbnailRIP (Rust in Pieces) - Original Animated Short Film by Reptile FX Studio

Professional Voice-overs

Available in English, major Indian languages, and other world languages

Our Video Production Process

How We Make Your 3D Animated Video. Step by Step.


Your Most Pressing Questions. Answered.

A 3D animated video is especially effective in showcasing products or explaining processes where camera rotation is required.
The time it takes to create an animated video depends upon the duration of the video and the level of animation. The process to create a 3D animated video is quite lengthy and depends significantly on the type, style and number of products/characters as well. A 60 second video would take us at least 30 working days to complete, assuming timely feedback and approvals, and excluding revision time.
In general, the cost of a video depends upon the script and duration of the video along with the style and complexity of the animation. Please write to us to get a quote.
We have a finely tuned linear process for producing 3D animated videos which can be viewed here.
If you want to hold the attention of your target audience, we suggest you keep your video from about 60 seconds to 180 seconds. It’s typically difficult to make an effective video that is less than 60 seconds. If the duration exceeds 180 seconds, your viewers will probably lose their interest before the end of the video. If there is a lot of content, it is probably better to create multiple videos.
We usually provide the files in .mov and .mp4 formats. However, we can provide in other popular formats such as .avi, .flv, .swf, .wmv etc. if required.
We do keep a free backup of your video for three months. If you lose your files during this period, just send a request and we will send you back the files.
We retain your raw files for three months after which we delete them. If you want to have us retain them for a longer period, we would advise you to purchase the Retain Raw Files add on. Please note that any changes to be made in the video are chargeable.
The voice-overs in our videos are done by professional voice-over artists.
Our general voice-over recording terms and conditions are:
  • The voice-over artist will only be engaged once we receive a written approval for him and his pricing from the client.
  • The voice-over recording will only be done once we receive a written approval for the locked script from the client explicitly stating that there are no further changes in the same.
  • The client must convey detailed instructions before the locked script is given to the voice-over artist for recording.
  • 100% advance payment is required before recording the voice-over.
  • Revisions are not possible. The voice-over cannot be changed once recorded unless the voice-over artist makes a pronunciation error or doesn’t stick to the approved script. Any changes, other than the ones mentioned, will require a completely new voice-over recording to be done by the external/third party artist and recording studio with 100% advance payment.
  • Voice-over recording is subject to availability of the external/third party artist and recording studio usage slots during our project.
  • Project delays are possible due to delays from external/third party artist and recording studio.
Terms and conditions for client provided voice-overs:
  • The voice-over needs to be recorded by professional voice-over artist(s) in a professional sound studio. Reptile FX has the right to reject the provided voice-over if it deems it to be unfit for any reason whatsoever.
  • The client needs to provide the entire voice-over track in a single file, and not in multiple files split by dialogues and/or artists.
  • Accepted file formats for the voice-over track are .wav and .mp3 only. We do not accept any other formats.

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